Why, Thank You, Sir. I Do Have Great Tits.

Source: Why, Thank You, Sir. I Do Have Great Tits.


This post is so genuine and very nicely articulated. I simply had to share.


Evaluate My Work, Not My Body Art

I love this piece, truer words have not been spoken.

When I was an undergrad, one of my reasons for wanting to continue in academia was my aversion to Western formal clothing. If I became a Ph.D. student and then a professor, I thought, I would hardly ever need to wear suits or dress shirts, and such a life appealed to me. I had seen academics of all stripes dress in all sorts of ways, and I naively believed that this signalled something very progressive about academia’s stance towards appearance: wear what you want, because you’ll be evaluated based upon your ideas and work, not how you choose to present yourself.

But a recent article in a column called Ask Alice (published on the website of Science, one of the most high profile scientific journals out there) confirms my naivete. In this piece, an anonymous academic who finds themselves in a “conservative place” for their postdoc, asks Dr. Alice Huang, “Am I crazy…

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Social Media

Just A Small Town Girl...

Over the last few years social media has become such a paramount part of people’s lives, particularly in the case of twenty-something year olds.

I was chatting to this guy the other day, he must’ve been about 24, so not much older than me. ‘Have you got Snapchat?’ he asked. Nope. ‘Instagram?’ Nope. ‘Twitter?’ Nope. ‘Facebook?!’ Yes! But I hardly ever use it…[awkward silence]. His facial expression said it all: a mixture of shock, disappointment and disgust. It’s safe to say that was the end of that conversation! So I pulled an ‘alrighty then’ face, apologised for disappointing him and then walked away.

Is it really so bizarre to be almost 23 years old and not have a strong urge to hashtag left right and centre? #bae #tbt #wifey #turnedup #yolo. Is it bizarre not to want to upload photos of every meal that I consume? These days you’re only as…

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