Sad Truths

I know that logic wins every battle and yet I can’t stop the way I feel. It’s selfish but I’m past caring who is wrong. I just know that I’m tired of trying to no avail. My spirit is withered and my thoughts are meddled. It’s so tough to argue a point of view that has so many strings pulling at it. Pros and cons; I’ve weighed them all. If potential is all that is there then reality is fractured and it isn’t worth pretending. We aren’t happy here. This is no dark cloud, it’s an everyday affair. Wake up and frown because the good times don’t outweigh the bad. Sad truth. I need to stop letting what could be drive what is…tomorrow won’t be different. I’ll still wake up wondering when things will change. I know it’s not all one person’s fault and that some self-reflection is due but dammit I deserve to be happy. I don’t love the person you are; I love the person you are so good at playing. Find the courage to stand up – I scream it every day in my head. Doubt. What am I to do with these torturous thoughts? I don’t want to leave you but I want nothing more than to be away. Is it that I really love you or am I just dependent and lonely? Sad truths. Lost and confused. I think it’s time to say done.


3 thoughts on “Sad Truths

  1. Hi, I popped in to see how you were but I find you sounding very down indeed. I hope you find an answer to whatever it is that is that you are struggling with and manage to move on and find yourself in a more hopeful situation.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve since been on an up rise. I did in fact have a moment of darkness but I feel that those bleak moments make the clarity that much sharper. Thank you for checking in. =] I will resume writing soon.

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