Here’s to You Bun

I must say, I have been inspired by the work of Bun Karyudo (boon car-you-dough. Pronunciation is important). I find myself glancing at his blog quite frequently, always profound, always light hearted. When I picture this man, who claims to be in his fifties, all I see is a young thirty five year old rubbing his chin in thought – probably contemplating the oddities that compose the world. His words are intelligent but still carry the whimsical feel of adolescence. I like that, and as I slouch over my bowl of eggs chasing the running yolk with my croissant a smile inches itself out of the corners of my mouth. I’ve just finished reading his blog post Spots of Bother.

My imagination now refueled, I chuckle at the thought of this unhatched egg looking into a mirror, distraught at its yolky flesh dripping away. Egghead’s yolk has no form and is stringing itself into the air holes its fluffy croissant collar provides.

There needs to be an animation of such a thought. Cartoons – the wonders in my mind are often sketched out in them.

How long does Bun sit at his computer before these witty words begin to sprout into cohesion? The thought consumes my breakfast. Every bits tastes like the dissatisfaction of not knowing. Does he even write at his computer? Hmmm. I play out the scenario. Maybe he scribbles on his mental notepad as he moves about his house. Cartoons in my head again. I see a young man, scrawny and tall, desperately pacing as he tries to read what was scrawled on the pad. It’s all chicken scratch, blurred by time and other tasks. The vertically gifted man stomps his foot and huffs, confronted with the notion of starting over.

Break. As I write this I worry that these seemingly obscure thoughts may offend the person who inspired them. I hope this is not the case. Karyudo if you are reading this please don’t read too far into my brains inflated interpretation of your character. However; if you’d like, take refuge in the fact that in the mind of at least one of your readers you are not an old balding man with bouts of acne. In the animated world of my thoughts, you are a slightly neurotic but highly intellectual being that has been hunched at the shoulders from the burdens of such unique qualities. I’m sure your wife finds you very amusing.

I’ve re-read some of what I wrote and I’ll admit it’s a little disturbing. I don’t know this person. I visualize a righteous big headed me, “You shouldn’t be writing this”, she reprimands me. I squint one eye in effort to blur out this thought. To no avail – the bobble head I’ve now labeled as my inner voice begins to yell at me. She sounds like mother when she’s like this. Now I need headphones and my eggs have gone cold. I guess egghead died in exasperation – he couldn’t bear to look at his melting flesh.

Reasonably I should start getting ready for work. OK…

Task one: find the jeans from the laundry I have neglected to fold.

Oh and to the man with a cup for a head – I’m confident you can find the positive of this passage. I offer just one fleeing piece of advice. If you must check for bald spots in your microwave reflection, refrain from doing so if it is running. The radiation is likely to create what you’re looking for. =]


3 thoughts on “Here’s to You Bun

  1. Hey, thank you! An entire post about me! I’m surprised and genuinely flattered. It’s like being able to read my obituary without going through all the inconvenience of being dead!

    Far from being offended, I’m quite happy to let your imagination work on me. It certainly seems to be doing a better job than Mother Nature. I quite like being a tall, thirty-five-year-old intellectual and I’ll definitely take it. I’m not so sure about being scrawny, though. (Any chance you could nudge your imagination towards muscular and a bit better off? Eccentric muscle-bound billionaire, perhaps?)

    I may have overstated my hair loss situation in my last post. I’m really not sure what’s going on up there. It’s funny but also true that it’s really hard to get a good look. You need two mirrors and one of them has to be small enough to hold. Family members are pretty useless – especially children – because they spend so much time teasing. You’re never quite sure what to think when they say something like, “Ha ha, look at that huge bald spot! Just kidding, there’s no problem, don’t worry! Well, don’t worry… much! Ha ha ha!” The truth is obviously in there somewhere, but it’s anybody’s guess where. It’s like some kind of diabolical multiple-choice question.

    Writing posts does take ages. I keep a notebook with me and whenever I have an idea, I write it down. That part is easy enough, but at some point, I have to put it all together. Sometimes this process is easy, but more often I’m a gibbering wreck by the end of it. Once it’s completed and I click on the “publish” button, though, I’m so elated! This lasts a whole fifteen seconds, and then I begin to notice all the punctuation and grammar errors…

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      1. It sounds like we have the same approach — blisters on our fingers and a worn out “delete” key!

        Thanks again for the post. I genuinely was flattered. 🙂


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