And It Goes On

Bud light and a cigarette. Simultaneously rewarding in their poisonous venture. I let them embrace me to the core as I contemplate what it means to be here. My thoughts are invaded by the dark skies portrayed in the songs playing in the background. “The darkness holding me tightly”, yea that’s accurate. “When the picture’s crumbled up, it can’t be whole again.” The real life applications are terrifying. Let’s rectify this foreseen tragedy before it has its moment to truly strike. Preemptive measures. How careless this summer break has been. However there are purely positive prospects in the near future. Their coming. Time to fasten the belt. Overdrive. To proceed, the vision must be a committed one. I can’t see the end but I can choose my immediate path. Is that sane? Is it logically possible to come out on top when the ultimate goal hasn’t yet been fathomed? The ramblings of my ‘summer break’ haunt me as I take another sip of my cold brew.


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