the word that stops us in our tracks.

You must be willing to bend if you plan on reaching success.

It’s a scary thought,

at least when you’re as selfish as I.

Like the bound foot,

it takes years to achieve through a painful process,

but if you believe its for the better – bind away.

I believe it’s for the better.

We have to be able to look beyond ourselves,

even if it makes us want to pout.

Temper tantrums are not attractive,

but they are abundant.

Learning curb,

My gut clenches around the bend.


One thought on “Compromise

  1. Imagine how much better this world would be if we could all compromise. From politicians to colleagues to family members. There’d be so much more peace of all kinds. But like with so many things, it’s easier said than done. Sigh.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Much appreciated!

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